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:: Reset account password ::

  In order to be able to reset your account password, we need to verify that you are the legitimately owner of the account.

To do that, we require you to change your Steam Community name (or friends system name) to a custom one, only for verification purposes, your old name will be saved so you can restore it later, this is useful if you have a hard-to-write name.

The verification process is made in this way because each NighTeam account is assigned to a SteamID, identifier that is unique, so we can verify if you are the real owner of that SteamID.

What option do i need to select?

If you are here because you have tried to register but you can't since your SteamID is already assigned to a account, select the 'I know my SteamID' option, else, select the second option.

Remember that the SteamID format is STEAM_X:X:XXXXX, if you dont use the correct format we can't find your SteamID

      I know my SteamID
I know my NighTeam Login UserID