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:: Nighteam Frecuently Asked Questions ::

  Game Servers  
  • Q: Where are the NighTeam GameServers located at?

    A: Actually we are hosted in Germany through a 100mbps connection to provide the best connectivity around europe.
  • Q: What are the technical specifications of the servers?

    A: We run all of our gameservers in Core2Quad Q6600 processors with 8GB of ram.
  • Q: What plugins are you using in the GameServers?

    A: We use Metamod for our Premium Account and Rank System, also we use Sourcemod for server administration and some other plugins.
  • Q: Does your servers use bots?

    A: Yes, we use bots to fill the servers, however the bot system is designed to kick bots when a human is assigned to a team.
  • Q: How can i know if a player is human or a bot?

    A: There's many ways, the easiest one is check the score panel, normally all the players without Steam Community Image are bots, however, if you or the other player is not connected to the steam community it will show without avatar too.
  Premium Accounts:  
  • Q: I need to download something on my pc to use the Premium Account?

    A: No, it's a plugin on the server, you dont need to download or modify anything on your client.
  • Q: How long takes my account activation?

    A: About 1-5 minutes, the time that the payment processing takes, when you finish the payment in the next 1-5 minutes you should get an email in your inbox confirming the activation, if you dont get any message, please contact us, all the process is automated, there's no human intervention.
  • Q: Will VAC detect any of the premiun features as hacking or something similar? I don't want to pay to be banned.

    A: No, this is a server plugin, you dont need to worry about VAC, however, using 3rd party programs will still detect you as hacker, in this server or any other protected by VAC.
  • Q: I've seen many people flying around the map, how can i do that?

    A: There's a special command that premium users can use, the command is 'premium_jump', it allows you to make very high jumps, to use it, simply bind it in the console, for example 'bind "x" "premium_jump"' will bind the jump to the X key, so to jump, simply press the space bar and then X and you will experience the most awesome jump you never made.
  • Q: How can i build more than 1 sentry gun, dispenser or teleporter?

    A: You need the console to do that because the game itself isn't designed to hold more than 1 object, below are the list of the command to build each object type.

    build 0 - Builds a dispenser
    build 1 - Builds a teleporter entrance
    build 3 - Builds a sentry gun.
  • Q: Can i modify or disable one or multiple features of my account?

    A: Of course, we have a premium account panel in which you can tweak every single feature value, you, for example in Team Fortress 2, can set how much HP will you get when you kill someone.